Minimalist/Modernist Reusable Tote Bags


We've been urging folks to bring their own reusable bags (when they shop at the farmer's market, of course) for a while now, and the idea is definitely starting to catch on, especially thanks to the plastic bag bans in San Francisco, at IKEA, in Modbury (in the UK) and more. While all of this is generally good news, we have seen the dark side of such a movement, when Anya Hindmarch's bags caused a huge hullaballo after being co-opted for inclusion in the lifestyles of the rich 'n famous. The fallout from that is fodder for another post; if you want a reusable tote that won't cost upwards of £225 on eBay, but don't want to fall victim to the "environmentalists=hippies" stereotype, we recommend either (or both of) these bags. Designed by our pals at Design Milk, they can help show the world you care about minimalism, modernism and the environment, all at the same time (impossible? Not any more...). Each goes for $14.99 apiece; pick up the minimalist bag here and the modernist bag here, via ::Apartment Therapy: San Francisco

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