Miksani Goes Carbon Neutral, Lets Customers Track Their Impact

Miksani photo

Photo credit: Miksani

A company hopping on the carbon-neutral route isn't newsworthy these days—and that's a GOOD thing—but Miksani (née Miksa) is allowing its customers to qualify their purchases by tracking their impact online.

Starting in September, the recently rebranded purveyor of luxury organic and fair-trade clothing is partnering with Piqqo, a nascent carbon-offset firm, to fund carbon-reduction projects such as the Scolel Te Social Forestry Project in Chiapas, Mexico.Each garment will include a hangtag marked with a unique serial number that can be entered on Piqqo's Web site to pull up the project it's helping to fund. And social-media comes into play, as well: A "Piqqo Diary" application lets you monitor your carbon footprint and compare it with your friends.

For Fall/Winter 2009, Miksani will fête alpaca jumper dresses and sweaters hand-knitted in Peru by the World Fair Trade Organization. Farmed organically, the alpaca wool is left undyed to showcase the myriad natural shades available, including white, black, fawn, silver-gray, and rose-gray.

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