Merrick's Earthsaver Corn Hangers

We all have these in our closets. Some of us more than others but they seem to lurk in excess at times. Ah yes, we speak of hangers of course. Now the majority of us have the metal ones we get from the dry cleaner or the plastic ones that we've had forever. But next time you need to reload (think: sending your kids off to college), keep these earthsaver hangers in mind. They look and feel like the traditional plastics, however they are made from 100% corn that grows here in the U.S. and are compostable. Made by Merrick, the company calls the style a "heavy shirt design" which, we're assuming, means that they are quite durable. Rumor has it that Walmart is carrying these ($3.50 for a 5-pack) but it is unknown which stores are carrying them and if they are just being tested for the time being. We couldn't find any info about them on Merrick's site either, which seems odd, but check out our source for some interesting observations. Via ::Sustainable is Good

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