Mercado Global - Goods For Good

When it comes to opening ones purse or wallet for a donation to a charity we all want to know where that money is really going. But how many of us ponder the same thing about the products we buy? Worn Again footwear do provide a tag showing where their dollars are apportioned. And Mercado Global do something a little similar. Take this $38 San Juan Wrap, for example. From each wrap $16.58 goes towards Guatemala’s San Juan community cooperative’s scholarship program. The above sum equal to a child’s education for about 3 months. So far the program has raised $10,639.84 USD for a variety of such projects. Not bad for 10 months worth of sales. The variety of goods on offer are made under fair trade agreements by 178 members of 14 women’s cooperatives. In fact, 85% of purchases go back to the women’s employment and their childrens education, with the remainder used to find markets for their wares in the US. Mercado Global’s operational overheads are covered by generous donors. PS: The model is that 'everywhere woman' Summer Rayn Oakes, whom we noted earlier was involved. ::Mercado Global