Mens Spring 2010 Fashion Preview: Collection Pierre André Senizergues (C PAS) - Skater Style


C PAS Designer Pierluigi Pucci at their SoHo showroom. Credit: Emma Grady

I headed down to the Collection Pierre André Senizergues (C PAS) showroom in SoHo this past week to view the skater-meets-red-carpet style Spring 2010 collection. Designer Pierluigi Pucci showed innovative designs -- made with army parachutes, mosquito nets, and organic cotton -- and hand made by Artisans in New York, to fill orders only. Click through for our Spring 2010 preview, and if you're more focused on fall fashion view our C PAS fall 2009 review here . Above C PAS Designer Pierluigi Pucci wears the army parachute waistcoat, and on the mannequin; duct tape blazer and organic cotton voile scarf, both wear a recycled t-shirt logo bow tie.


C PAS Spring 2010: recycled army parachute blazer and organic cotton/ duct tape crew shirt; parachute shirt with organic cotton jersey beanie. Credit C PAS

Innovative Design with Unexpected Materials

Pierluigi spoke to how each season they find innovative ways to use fabrics -- organic cotton, army parachute and mosquito net -- to suit the seasons trends, yet have pieces -- that can stand alone -- as timeless classics. The design of the parachute blazer (left) uses mosquito net as a liner so the artisanship is visible. By using recycled materials and shirts -- leftover from PAS' other brands and from the Salvation Army -- each piece is unique. Clients also have the option for using a personal t-shirt for the lining in their tailor-made tuxedo. The collection -- like any high end designs -- can be worn together for a red carpet-ready look or matched with low cost items, i.e., pair a blazer with an old t-shirt and jeans for a skater, street-style look. Photo Credit: Emma Grady

C PAS duct tape shirt, organic cotton jersey pants with recycled shoe string tie, organic cotton jersey scarf, army parachute and organic cotton seersucker cap, and parachute duffel bag. Credit C PAS

Steep Price Points: High Quality Design

While this apparel may not appeal to everyone, price points are high -- and range from $150 tees to $2,600 blazers -- these high quality pieces are classics that can transcend seasonal trends. If you have the dough and it suits your style, these pieces are worth the investment -- when was high fashion ever cheap? The apparel is hand-made by artisans in New York and is available only through shop by appointment. Items are made once they are ordered and take roughly 1-3 weeks -- which means waste is not created in producing clothing not in demand.

Visit Page 2 to find out the history behind C PAS.

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