Men's Green Fashion Guide: Dress Shirts

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A month ago, my colleague Matt McDermott bemoaned the dearth of eco-fashion for men beyond the preponderance of organic cotton T-shirts and denim jeans. "More often than not, men's eco-clothing is ill-conceived, poorly cut, and frankly about as stylish as a wearing a plastic sack," he harrumphed. "Which is all a long way of saying, I am vain enough to want to present myself in nicely styled clothing. And my options that are also green are largely non-existent. And it pisses me off."

The girls (and a couple of boys) in TreeHugger's Fashion & Beauty Department are nothing if not magnanimous, so we're drumming up an entire series of posts devoted to dressing environmentalists of the masculine persuasion. If scrounging through thrift-store bins--the most eco-friendly option--aren't your bag, we'll have you looking like Señor Swankypants before long. First up, how to look dapper in a sustainable dress shirt.


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Color us surprised when we spotted this over at The Discerning Brute--a fine, fine resource, by the way, for ethical gents. Who knew that Nordstrom, of all places, would have its own in-house brand of 100 percent organic cotton shirts? Starting at a sale price of $28.90 for a solid option with double back pleats and single-button barrel cuffs to $36.90 for a pinstripe number with a slightly curved shirttail hem, these everyday essentials are smart, unfussy, and best of all, won't melt your credit card.

Boll Organic

Boll Organic shirt
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One of the pioneers of organic cotton men's shirts, Boll Organic stitches its wares from 100 percent organic U.S. Supima cotton and Hermann Bühler SwissCotton Organic yarns. For shopaphobics, options are pared down and no-nonsense--simply pick your size and your choice of button-down or spread collars. Currently on sale for $35 apiece (whittled down from $60), the shirts also come with free shipping.

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