Marriage-Minded Triumph Bra Falls Flat on Green Message

triumph marriage bra photo

Photo Via Pink Tentacle

In 2005, Triumph came up with a warming bra that could help you avoid turning on the heater. Then in 2006, they came up with a bra that could convert into a reuseable shopping bag. 2007 brought us a bra concept that promoted the use of reuseable chopsticks as a way to get greener. This year, though, we have to stretch a bit for the green message.

Nothing says "marriage or bust" quite like the Marriage-Hunting Bra (Konkatsu Bra), a new concept lingerie by Triumph International designed to help the marriage-minded woman find a husband by displaying how much time remains until she hopes to tie the knot.

Um...maybe the green message is when you get hitched, you use fewer resources by sharing living space and posessions? Well...a roommate accomplishes the same feat. Bummer it was harder to find the green thinking in this new concept, but we'll let Triumph have their [wedding] cake with this design.

Via Pink Tentacle
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