Marmol Radziner's Unisex Jewelry from Preconsumer Prefab Waste

marmol radziner jewelry photo
Images: Fast Company

Marmol Radziner, the prefab firm well known for razor-sharp aesthetics and eco envelope-pushing, has chosen to offer design fans a bit of wearable architecture. The firm's new M+R Jewelry line is a unisex collection of bracelets and rings crafted with scraps from the factory cutting floor. Fast Company reports that, "Marmol Radziner partner Ron Radziner designed the pieces after he couldn't find jewelry for men that suited his taste..."
marmol radziner jewelry photo

Even if the prefab market is a bit lackluster these days, Marmol Radziner continues to carry the torch of hope that factory-built homes can deliver exceptional design and environmental performance. Not only do M+R homes integrate components such as responsible woods, structurally integrated panels, solar power, natural cooling, and recycled steel construction, but they're a joy to look at. Lloyd Alter has called them "possibly the most beautiful prefabricated buildings this side of the Pacific." It's no wonder they make regular appearances in the pages of Dwell and Wired.

"M + R Jewelry reflects our continuing commitment to refined design, quality materials, and exacting construction. Master craftsmen use fabrication surplus to individually produce and finish each piece from architectural bronze. Over time, the patina of each piece will evolve in response to its wearer."

Brought to our attention by the keen eyes over at Ecouterre, the M+R line of armbands, bracelets, and rings is available exclusively through ARP Los Angeles, and range in price from $80 to $250.

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