Marie Claire Goes Green This Month

Oooooh, Marie Claire magazine has gone green this month--Eco chic goes glam--and it's fun. It's packaged in a brown paper bag (with the tag line "This is not a plastic bag") and included is a free pot of Body Shop Coconut Body Butter along with oodles of articles about "the hottest fashion and beauty buys that are green and gorgeous". Lots of the info is familiar to Treehugger readers--label of the month is Ciel, they love Stella McCartney, Kiehls and jewellery by Made. But lots was new too. is an ethical and luxurious online store which features the newest of the new in every great eco-label. is an online shopping site that lets the consumer earn "cool credits" which are used to fund "Cool Projects" such as Solar Aid, Tusk (sustainable conservation in Africa), Staro (Amazon rainforest preservation), Waste Watch and Waterwise(reduced water consumption).

There are several good articles geared towards women who are feeling guilty about not buying green clothing but don't quite know where to start. Fear of the expense and that old sterotype of hemp clothing is a big barrier and the magazine challenges (and dresses) 3 cynics in new, vintage and casual wear. Interviews with Cate Blanchett and Joaquin Phoenix, as well as Gwyneth, Orlando Bloom and Julia Roberts tick the requisite celebrity boxes.


"Let's cool it!" is a 10 point guide to saving the planet. With tips like boiling less water, trying not to fly in airplanes, turning out bright lights and taking a low power shower they are reaching out to new audiences of people who could begin to make a difference by these easy actions.


An interview with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, the chef and national treasure, raises alot of hard questions about the food culture of Britain and the challenge to get people to change their habits. All in all, a good effort from this monthly magazine. :: Marie Claire