Maker Faire NYC: Handwoven Sandals and Pot Holders

saori-weaving-handwoven-potholders photo

Photos: Alex Davies

Among the many handmade crafts on display at Maker Faire were the products of the Loop of the Loom weaving studio, which specializes and offers classes in the Japanese Zen art form of Saori. Made with a philosophy of free expression, self-development and improvisation, Loop of the Loom's remarkable goods included handwoven pot holders, and even flip-flops.


Unlike what you find at IKEA or Williams Sonoma, each rooster-themed pot holder is unique. Differences in cloth, size and shape reflect the individual who wove it.

It's nothing ground-breaking, but it's a refreshing break from the mass-production that is lies behind most of what we consume every day.

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