Magic 77 - Amazon Listings for Ecolution Hemp Products

Searching for the perfect field bag for a day of birding we hit on this among the 77 Ecolution products on Amazon. Looks like the right size for a notepad, guide book, digital camera, and maybe a spotting scope and attachment. Digiscoping anyone? One of our readers recently reminded us that muted colors were important for observing birds; and, current choices certainly fit the bill. Or beak. Mainstreaming happens, signaled by all sorts of things incorporating a new material. Judging by the number of discrete designs, hemp appears headed toward commodity status.

Ecolution even offers a hemp water bottle sling for the other shoulder.


What's next. Well...we already saw camouflage hemp sneakers. Old glory maybe? Lets hope that colors not found in nature don't come into play too much. TreeHuggers do have a conservative side you know.