Luisa Cevese Eco Carry-On Bags

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Here is a good-looking carry-on bag that is environmental and stylish. It comes in two sizes and can swing over your shoulder for easy schlepping. It is made by Luisa Cevese, an Italian textile designer who has been creating beautiful bags out of recycled plastic since 1994.

She started out working in research in a silk mill and became aware of the vast quantity of waste created in textile production. Cevese was inspired by this industrial by-product and founded Riedizioni, which uses plastic and industrial remnants such as selvedges, damaged yarns, cuts from garments etc and textile scraps to create a new material. She searches out the textile remnants all over the world; from private family homes, antique collections and industrial facilities (who call them "waste").

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Each piece is different because of the way that the material is produced. The travel bag comes in African fabric, kimono or brightly coloured textiles, mixed with the special plastic material. There are place mats, floor mats, cushions, aprons and wallets and make-up bags as well. The pieces are expensive but they are little jewels because of the beautiful colours and patterns. :: Luisa Cevese
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