Low+Tight Bags: Buckle Up For Style

Those of you who were diggin' on Peter Danko's Seatbelt Love Seat are in for a treat. Forget about leather, wool felt, or some shiny vinyl atrocity. Your personal effects will thank you for carrying them in recycled style with Low+Tight's cute-as-a-button seatbelt bags...These clutches and purses are made from 100% recycled seatbelts and clasps reclaimed from real cars, or from factory over-production. They're available in plain-vanilla colors like black, blue, and red, but if you're feeling slightly more daring, we recommend their harlequin mixes of different colored strapping. Prices range from high $68 to 100$ US, and you can purchase on their website.
:: Low+Tight Handbags [by DM]