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The above might read more like a valedictorian speech or a scribbled poem in a yearbook. Dewdrops and lollipops, I know, but it's neither speech nor poem.

It's the "manifesto" of Santa Monica, Cali-based clothing brand LovethisLife, commonly found emblazoned on the back of their organic t-shirts.

I could laugh at it and compartmentalize it in the department of cheesy or... put it to practical use. Because really, show me anything remotely positive to help pump out inspiration and take-action-ness in the face of oil spills and a TBD climate bill and I'll wear it.


Organic Signature Manifesto tee. Image via: LovethisLife
Sting Loves Them? So Do I!

Sugary sweetness aside, I'm liking their message--and famous folk are too.

Celebrities like Madonna, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham and Sting, to name only a few, have been reported sporting the brand. Taking their message mainstream, the clothing company recently scored placement on the backs of presenters and winners of MTV's 2010 Film Awards Show.

Organic Cotton and Bamboo Tees


Organic Rock Garden Manifesto tee. Image via: LovethisLife

Beyond the poetic message of the "manifesto" that reminds us to make the most of this life, do what we can and love what we do (woot woot for saving the planet!), LovethisLife walks their talk too--in their manufacturing. 100% organic cotton and bamboo offerings that have been low-impact dyed can be spotted in their online store, primarily in their women's section. (Hey eco-fashion, let's remember the dudes!)

I've found a number of cute, stylish prints and cuts that would look good being rocked on the mat, too. A refreshing find in a sea of, albeit organic, boring, solid yoga tops and pants.

Prices range $46-56 a pop.

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