Looptworks Laptop Sleeves from Upcycled Wetsuits

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Images: Looptworks

Working at American Apparel's factory in Los Angeles I witnessed first-hand the amazing volume of scrap fabric that comes out of a garment factory. Even after meticulously arranging the cuts to minimize waste, we'd fill tractor trailers with rainbows of cloth cutouts. The scraps aren't trashed, but are definitely downcycled, turned into rags and cheap filling for who-knows-what. Abiding by the principal of waste equals food, Looptworks has built a brand around the waste stream emitted by the shmata business, and now adds to its lineup a laptop sleeve made from upcycled neoprene.
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Jasmin wrote about Looptworks when it launched its apparel line, based on the same waste-not-want-not principals. Sourcing cast-off textiles from around the world, the company crafts limited edition styles for ladies and fellas.

The Hoptu laptop sleeve is assembled from the neoprene leftovers of a wetsuit factory, and comes in 15" ($30) and 17" ($35) versions in four colors.

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