Look What I Found


"Look what I found" is not only the title of a new exhibit at a craft gallery but it is also an expression of excitement at the work displayed. This is the first time that this well-respected gallery has had a whole show of recycled and environmental works and it is a delight. These artists take such obvious joy in transforming "worthless" materials into precious items of beauty. There are some familiar names from the Origin Craft Fair such as Magie Hollingworth who has tiny pots with 5£ (blue) or 10£ (orange) notes in the papier mache. Also on display are the fabulous necklaces of Minji Cho (pictured left) made of the tips of recycled rubber gloves, along with semi-precious stones.

Tracie Murchison's vessels out of layers of paper were very striking, and Janna Craze's creation of bedsprings and wire (pictured right) was meant to be a necklace but was a spectacular Calder-esque wall hanging. There were baskets of telephone wire by Rachel Max and Tarja Lehtinen sandblasts cameos on the bottoms of green glass bottles.


Necklaces are a popular item. Lyn Medcalf's striking piece (pictured left) is made of string, paper tags, packing tape, plastic and bottles. Anu Peippo is Finnish and her natural, striking and long (8 feet) necklaces are made of mussel shells strung together, interspersed with glass beads, others are made of natural-coloured pistachio shells (pictured right) or red ones. Other necklaces by Seon-hwa Lee are made of strings of "beads" of pressed newsprint, with the paper noted (The Telegraph, Korean Times). Niala Orsmond makes necklaces of coins: "Cents" is made of old U.S. pennies and "Pennies" of tarnished pence. A cross is made from a U.S. dollar.


Mahta Rezvani makes necklaces and bracelets out of layers and layers of paper (pictured): she uses the yellow pages for a bracelet and a magazine for a necklace.


David Poston's necklaces and bracelets are made of tin cans, shaped and welded over wood. :: Lesley Craze Gallery

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