London Fashion Week SS11 - Catwalk Like An Egyptian - Ada Zanditon Shows Pyramora Collection at On|Off (Photos)

Ada-Zanditon SS11 Pyramora photo

Images by Paul Perksy via Ecover
Ada Zanditon, winner of this year's Ethical Fashion Forum innovation award and ethical fashion's fastest rising star, wowed the fashionistas at London Fashion Week yesterday with the presentation of her Pyramora collection for Spring Summer 2011. Held at the On|Off independent fashion showcase Zanditon's show, sponsored by Ecover, was full of the stunning structured pieces she has become well known for.
Ada Zanditon SS11 Pyramora triangle dress

Images by Paul Perksy via Ecover

This season's collection deals in complex fractal geometry and tessellation, inspired by the Egyptian Pyramids and the threatened coral reefs of the Red Sea. When talking to TreeHugger at the Estethica show on Sunday Zanditon explained that the word Pyramora is a invented hybrid that combines pyramid and coral to signify her principle inspirations this season of resurrection and restoration.

Through out the collection pyramid shapes could be seen graphically and structurally in sandy, golden, desert colours in fair trade cottons and peace silks. These contrasted with the complex kaleidoscopic coral-like prints on floating chiffon and slinky silk jersey dresses and tops.

Ada Zanditon SS11 Pyramora photo

Images by Paul Perksy via Ecover

Continuing our conversation at Estethica Zanditon said, "The idea of the main collection is looking at the way the coral reefs are now flourishing again in Egypt. I went on a mathematical journey with formations of coral which I then contrasted with the formations of the Pyramids."

Ada Zanditon Pyramora Show photo

Image by author

In the Pyramora show literature it goes on to say, "Pyramids are often portrayed as sombre dark burial chambers, but were, in fact, regarded as a vehicle of resurrection to the afterlife. This theme of resurrection is connected to modern day Egypt, where locals defy global corporations by protecting the environment and flourishing corals, from over exposure to he tourist industry."

Ada Zanditon SS11 coral print photo

Images by author

We love the depth of thought and storytelling that Ada Zanditon always brings to her collections and the way in which she combines ethical and environmental issues with the structural qualities of her chosen subjects. She was particularly successful in this with her SS10 collection which dealt with the issue of bee Colony Collapse Disorder, but also visually embraced the structure of honeycomb.

Ada Zanditon Pyramora Coat photo

Image by author

Speaking about what winning the EFF Innovation prize this year will mean for her Zanditon said, "I won the award for my innovative use of Fairtrade fabrics and sourcing Fairtrade fabrics isn't always easy. So the award will enable me to work more with the Fairtrade foundation, who will help me source more Fairtrade fabrics, and learn more about how Fairtrade works, which is something I'm very passionate about."

Ada Zanditon SS11 Dress photo

Image by author

Ada Zanditon

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