London Fashion Week: Plight of Bees Inspires Stunning SS10 Collection

Ada Zanditon Honeycomb necklace

All photos via Paul Persky

A fashion collection dedicated to the plight bees is creating a buzz at London Fashion Week. Talented young designer Ada Zanditon, who we championed at Estethica earlier this year, has created a beautiful collection inspired by Colony Collapse Disorder. Surely when environmental issues become key themes of fashion collections we must know that we're getting somewhere! After hives were welcomed into the new White House garden and the success of the Tweehive experiment on Twitter, the plight of our buzzing friends really is the height of fashion! Click through to see more images from Ada Zanditon's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Ada Zanditon SS10 photo

Breaking ethical fashion boundaries
Ada Zanditon is no doubt a designer that breaks boundaries. Along with Christopher Raeburn last season she shone out as a new bright talent on the British fashion scene. The fact she is praised for her design skills, her innovative use of fabric and form, and her brilliant concepts, over and above the ethical and sustainable qualities of her collection, shows how far ahead of the pack she is. Duly she launched her SS10 collection this season on the Vauxhall Fashion Scout catwalk in the Ones to Watch category - a path which no other designer featured in Estethica has been invited to sashay down.

Zanditon SS10 photo

Fashion with meaning
Zandition is a truly conceptual designer who weaves multilayered storylines into her clothes, imbueing them with meaning and context and therefore great value. When Duke Stump talked at The Do Lectures about moving from things to meaningful relationships he could well have been talking about Zanditon's clothes.

Ada Zanditon SS10 photo

The designer diplomat
We love the fact that the plight of bees inspired Zandition's most recent collection, but kitsch black and yellow stripes don't come anyway near her work. She has subtly and cleverly expressed elements of bees interconnectednees, the hive, the honeycomb, through origami fabric structures, printed graphics and stunning jewellery pieces. We also love her witty pun on the concept of colonies. By using a red white and blue palette she references her half American, half British heritage, as well as the French origin of her beautiful fabric: silk organza and organic cotton twill.

A talented designer, an environmental campaigner and an astute diplomat - Zanditon has got it made!

Ada Zanditon
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