London Fashion Week: Lithuanian Designers Add a New Look

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London Fashion Week has held the Estethica showcase of environmental fashion for five years now. There are always surprises: this year there are some new innovative and quirky designers from Europe that have graduated up to the big time and are trying out their wares in London.

A hardy welcome to Aiste Nesterovaite: a Lithuanian fashion group that makes "wearable accessories for wearable adventures".These designers from Vilnius are at Estethica for the first time. Although their booth was small, and impossible to photograph, their mischievous spirit was immediately recognizable.

Apparently Lithuania has the largest collection of second hand shops in Europe, or maybe the world. From this inspiration comes their product.

Their trademark is their scarves. They are put together from a "part of a sweater, a part of a jacket, a few scraps of carefully selected fabric - all mixed and stirred until a wearable hotchpotch emerges, creating a unique kind of scarf!"

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On show were cotton scarves made out of the long sleeves of men's shirts. They were ironed and put together in contrasting patterns from different shirts. The men wore them hanging straight down, women could wind them around their neck casually as a summer scarf.

The aprons are in the style of business suit, with a shirt collar around the neck. They are designed for those who consider cooking a serious business--an enticing gift for those foodie friends.

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Photo: B. Alter

Not part of the Esethica section of London Fashion Week, but irresistible, are these Italian necklaces, made out of popped balloons. Silvia Beccaria is an Italian fibre artist and she uses all kinds of unusual materials.

red balloon photo

Photo: B. Alter

Some necklaces were made out of old film strips. Other unusual materials are red heart-shaped balloons (above), bubblewrap, metals, paper, aluminum and rubber foil' She uses traditional fibres too, such as silk, wool, linen, cotton, but uses them in unusual ways.

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