London Fashion Week: Estethica Shows Green Fashion at it Best

noki gaga photo

Photo: B. Alter

It's London Fashion Week, where Estethica is the showcase for all that is wonderful in ecological and environmentally-sensitive fashion.

In its fifth year, the show is a mix of old favourites and new comers. Such as Dr. Noki who designed this jacket for Lady Gaga (who else) out of cut up and recycled rugby scarves which are then crocheted. Coming from Brighton, they call their clothes "playful subversion" and they are not for the average fashionista. It's a bit of a cult: "Noki is zeitgeist, constituting a nuanced commentary on contemporary society and culture not just a simple reactionary critique of brand capitalism."

The face mask completes the look: it's a statement against the pollutants in our world. "Noki custom mounts a challenge, a symbolic critique or even a form of resistance, against mainstream, mass-market, homogenous and depersonalised commodity fashion."

scot coll photo

Photo: B. Alter

The Scottish Design Collective is a group of four Scots who have banded together to show their wares, and are even opening a boutique in Glasgow next month. They work in different areas but are joining together as a collective so that they can have more control over their collections and promote each others work more economically.

Iona Crawford (above) is an artist who designs her own prints for the fabrics and makes lovely, simply designed dresses. The material is the focus in her clothes. Marc Ross works in leather, laser cutting it and mixing it with fabric to form dresses with leather tops or sleeves and flowing colourful skirts.

di gilppin photo

Photo: B. Alter

Di Gilpin is the knitter, using organic yarns from the Shetland Islands in Scotland. She hand knits each creation, along with three other women who are in a knitting co-operative. Shoes are by Emily Lamb and are delicate and elegant for stepping out at night. Each pair is hand made out and all the components, including the leather are from the UK.

pouf dress photo

Photo: B. Alter

This wonderful dress by Lu Flux is made out of puffs, each one created from old vintage scarves and fabrics. Puffs are from Suffolk and are a traditional technique of gathered circles of fabric sewn together at the edges.

Her trademark is the combining of traditional techniques with modern design. So she uses pleating, knitting and patch working in modern ways. She has been part of Estethica in other years but this season she is showing her pieces in the main exhibition hall, choosing to be part of the main stream show at London Fashion Week.

india rain photo

Photo: B. Alter

This brightly coloured rubber raincoat would cheer up the gloomiest day. It is made in India out of rubber which is natural and sustainable and renewable. The styling is by an English designer and manufacturing takes place in Lancashire.

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