London Fashion Week: Canadian Invasion

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It's London Fashion Week and once more Estethica has a gorgeous selection of sustainable fashion. It is the the fifth year of this important addition to the London Fashion Week scene: a special exhibit of designers who uphold the principles of fair trade, organic fabrics and recycling in their eco-labels. There is a good mix of the familiar and the new and there are lots of Canadians.

First off, from Québec City is Myco Anna. They have been creating eco-fashion for twelve years and have just made the big break into London. Their clothing is bright, colourful and wacky, with all different mis-matched patterned fabric stitched up artfully into one dress. The pieces are made out of recycled fabrics, old sweaters, ends of bolts from outlets and picked apart knitwear. Their scarves, for that cold Quebecois climate, are brightly coloured with fur bits on the end that are taken from old fur coats. The dresses feature asymmetrical cuts and flared skirts with pockets. Colourful accents are added in recycled inserts and appliqués. A really fun and lively look with that special Québecois joie de vivre.

minna LFW. photo

Another Canadian, well sort of--all her staff are and she's married to one--Minna is Finnish and moved to the English countryside, in Dorset where she started browsing the markets and buying old fabrics, brooches and buttons. She became interested in old lace from the Ayrshire Valley in Scotland and first made a children's line, Kristiina, named after her daughter.

kiristiina daughter of minna

All the fabrics in her women's line are either UK made, fair trade, organic or recycled. They are embellished with old lace and vintage buttons and one-off bits of ribbon. They are all done in soft creamy off-white tones and have an old-fashioned, boudoir kind of feel to them. :: London Fashion Week
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