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We love shoes--they always fit. At London Fashion Week, there are quite a few bespoke shoes on show: Beyond Skin, Terra Plana and Veja are all familiar names.

The new kid on the block, Nina Dolcetti, comes from eco-royalty: her mother is the creator of From Somewhere, one of the first eco clothing labels and owner of a very hip eco clothing store in London. This is her first solo-show and since she is very pregnant, it is soon to be her first baby too. Her shoes are wonderful: some have old vintage scarves as ties and bands to keep them on. There are some really chunky cork high heels for the daring. Others are little flats in hot pink leather, with a scarf tie around the ankle. All the leather is recycled from left-over scraps, found in the UK and Spain. The shoes are all hand-made in the east end of London.

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Pibiones handbags are back. They are made in Sardinia, using traditional designs and weaving techniques. This year's new model is made of cream coloured linen. They are working to grow and develop local linen with a woman who has seeds from her grandmother's field--now that's roots.

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A salute to Prophetik. They are a California casual wear brand and very socially minded. A portion of sales of their menswear goes to an aid project in Sudan. With their children's wear, $1.50 is donated to a charity from each purchase. A recycled cardboard box is included with prepaid postage (pictured). Children are asked to put a needed item--a book or toothbrush in it and send it to the Hands and Feet orphanage in Haiti.

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Melissa shoes are here too. They are the stylish, fun recycled plastic shoes from Brazil. They have famous designers like the Campana Brothers and Zaha Hadid designing one-offs for them. We loved the Vivienne Westwood ones (first pictured here) that look like Minnie Mouse on high heels. Advance notice: peach is the new new for the spring. :: London Fashion Week
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London Fashion Week: Accessories
The new kid on the block, Nina Dolcetti, comes from eco-royalty: her mother is the

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