London Department Store Features Eco Jewellery Successes

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Photo: jessica dance
Selfridge's department store in downtown London is turning its huge windows over to twenty up-and-coming designers. The lucky chosen few will design the shop window and their work will be sold in store.

Little Glass Clementine and Jessica Dance represent the eco contingent this month. They will be taking it up a notch and showing their jewellery to the one million shoppers a week on busy Oxford Street.

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Photo: B. Alter

It's so great spotting winners before they hit the big time. Then you can follow their career as it grows. First seen at London Fashion Week's Estethica last autumn, Clementine Jones has hit the big time now.

Her very dramatic necklaces mix antique stones, junk store finds and objects from the natural world, such as pebbles and driftwood. She spends a lot of time scouring antique markets, charity shops and beaches for the raw materials.

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Photo: B. Alter

We caught up with her at Selfridge's, leading a very well-attended "tutorial" on how to create one of her fabulous necklaces. Approximately 30 women were working hard to make their own Little Glass Clementine, with advice from the master, who was sporting leopard jeans and working like mad to show them how to do it.

She studied anthropology, then started selling her work in markets, worked in the environmental movement and then decided to "make my art my career, my activism my main interest." She credits London Fashion Week's green designers' forum, Estethica, for her opportunity.

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Photo: jessica dance
Jessica Dance is the other lucky and talented eco designer on show. Taking advantage of the opportunity of having thousands of people pass by, she has designed a wild and slightly inexplicable front window to display her work. The fantasy bears, called the Mobears, are there to promote her mohair jewellery. Trained as a set designer and prop maker, we can see where she comes from...

She uses ethically sourced and hand-dyed bunny hair for her one-off pieces. The handmade pendants combine modern fabrics and traditional craft techniques. Since the look this spring is bright bright colours, these are working the trend beautifully.

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London Department Store Features Eco Jewellery Successes
Little Glass Clementine

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