Lokta Paper Pocket Journal

Seems we might’ve been calling this ‘rice’ paper in a period past. When actually it comes from the bark of a Himalayan bush. Anyhow, like cork, it can be harvested on maturity, left to chill out for about 6 years and then it will surrender up yet more fibre. Did I hear someone say the S word? Not only is it sustainable agriculture but the production helps improve the lot of those living on the hills and mountains but less well off, at the bottom rungs of Nepali society. This mini-journal made of Lokta paper supports Nepalese craftspersons, yet costs but $6. From VickeryMore on the story of Lokta can be found at :: Nepal Hand Made Paper [by WM]


Close up of the Lokta bush


And a pile of the shredded bark


Lokta drying in the sun. Go solar power!