Lika Volkova Sets Us Straight: There's No Such Thing As An "Eco" Clothing Brand

It's refreshing that Lika Volkova comes straight out and says that new clothing lines mean more factories running, more trucks transporting, and ultimately (especially since we know clothing distributors even burn stuff they don't sell) more waste. So what's an enterprising clothing designer to do? Stop competing in the high-fashion world.

Start selling clothes patterns, instead. Now before you throw up your hands in disgust, as you know you could never replace a button let alone sew one of her boxy frock coats or even cut the cloth for one of her drapey t-shirt dresses, just wait.

"There's a real need to rethink all design process, from what you are starting with material-wise, how you are making something, the method you are using to move things around, shipping wise..."

says Scott Mackinlay Hahn, co-found Rogan and Loomstate. That seems all too true.

But today's alternative designers are faced with enormous hurdles to get their ideas to the public. So Volkova decided instead of creating all the waste that a collection entails, she would simply sell the digital patterns for her SANS designs - prices range from about $6 to $25. She thinks that will encourage local production with local materials, as well as innovation based on her originals, which is what she wants. Her designs are far from generic - they have pockets and openings in strange places, and she sees herself as driven by practicality paired with a forward-looking vision. But don't expect her to necessarily favor bamboo and organic cotton (her winter collection features fur, all types of it).

If you don't sew yourself, Volkova suggests on the clip you go to a local tailor or alterations person to have your SANS design sewn up. And creating a relationship with local seamstresses is a definite step to an eco-friendlier wardrobe. Plus, and this is why the Home Made concept has legs - Volkova also gets that high fashion is so far away from the realm of most of us, price wise, can afford, we're getting more and more generic-looking. Everybody wears jeans and sneakers and t-shirts, and the fact that they all tend to come from the same place makes us look, according to Volkova, very boring. I'm not sure I want to look like Volkova's vision, but I do want more ways to get clothed in an eco-friendly fashion. Via: Scribe Media Arts Culture
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