LiftKits Insoles Add Height Instantly

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Need a lift? No, I'm not talking about a ride, I'm talking about LiftKits. These recycled plastic and polyurethane insoles can add inches to your frame instantly. But why would you want them? Read on.

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At 5' 4", I'm of a moderate height. Though I admit once having high hopes of becoming taller -- my first license read 5' 5" because, at the time, I thought I would grow as I got older, apparently not. So when Liftkits e-mailed me abut their men's and women's height increasing insoles, I was intrigued. My first thought: Tom Cruise needs a pair. And actually, on LiftKits blog they list their target market, a slew of short celebrities. My second thought: are they green? Apparently so.

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LiftKits are made out of recycled plastic and polyurethane and are recyclable. I accepted a complimentary pair of men's insoles to try out -- with a few minor tweaks with scissors -- and walla, I'm suddenly a bit taller. Walking around hardly feels different but to the world I'm 5' 5".

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LiftKits "will change your life," according to three guys in Hollywood, California who founded the men's insoles. They were inspired by the "tactics women engage in to cheat the playing field," as they call it, from high heels to push-up bras. But even if it is about deceiving -- or attracting -- the opposite sex, LiftKits are, according to the founders, all about confidence. First they founded LiftKits for men then went on to found for women, affectionately called LiftKits for Chicks.

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So besides the whole cosmetic factor, why would you want them? Say you have a new pair of trousers and the hem is just a tad too long. Granted you could get your trousers hemmed, but you're a lady and wear heels regularly you probably have certain pants you can wear with flats and others you need a boost to wear. If that's that case, Liftkits for Chicks can come in mighty handy.

Of course, you can't quite pair LiftKits with strappy stilettos, you need a trusty pair of boots, sneakers, or even a pair of TOMS would do, so long as the insole is clearly covered. LiftKits are conveniently available online at for $22 - $30.

What do you think of the insoles? Is acceptance -- of ones height -- the answer or is the option of instant height a miracle? Tell us in the comment section, below.

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