Liana Kabel's Lolly-like Recycled Jewellery


It seems that Liana’s parents had a far reaching impact on her work as an artist. How else does one explain jewellery (her Dad was a jeweller) made from Tupperware (something her Mum sold for 20 years)? Maybe she also had an aunty who was a devoted knitter, which could explain the bracelets (Knitwits) made from curling second hand knitting needles into spunky spirals, and the broaches crafted from measuring tapes. Ear rings, necklaces, rings, etc. Everything is fair game for these bright, candy-coloured creations. She even has ‘Knitwit guardian angels’ sending her parcels of knitting needles for innovative repurposing. An Australian artist, based in Brisbane, Liana has an online store, with her goods priced in $ USD. ::Liana Kabel, via Mochipopstar.

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