Levi's Care to Air Design Competition Finalists Find New Ways to Dry Clothes Without a Dryer

levis hang anywhere photo

Image courtesy of Hang Anywhere.

Experienced riders only try this at home. From The Way We See the World, comes an innovative way to dry your jeans: Red straps made with post-industrial scraps, integrated into Levi's jeans, let you hang jeans anywhere by simply looping and buttoning them. Hang Anywhere is just one of six finalists designs' in Levi's Care to Air Competition, a call to action to design a new way to air dry clothes that eliminates the need for a dryer. The winning design will be announced August 16, but until then, click through for our favorite designs from the finalists that improve upon the basic clothesline.

levis hand anywhere

levis hand to air

Image courtesy of Levi Strauss & CO.

Could the bright red Hang Anywhere straps be a new eco-fashion statement?

care to air levis photo

Image courtesy of Levi Strauss & CO.
The Evaporation Station designed with urban dwellers in mind by Jeff Munie and Marlowe Baca of Chicago, Illinois, is made with 100% stainless steel, and it easily folds into the wall.


Image courtesy of Levi Strauss & CO.
Nothing Is What It Seems, by Canada-based designer Caleb Hill, is -- as its name implies -- both hanging art and drying rack.

See other finalists, including Inertion Power, Levi Tower, and Strauss Spin 'n Dry, over at Levi's blog. As mentioned, on August 16, a panel of judges in San Francisco at the Levi's Workshop will award $10,000 in prize money to the winning design. Don't forget to tell us which one is your favorite in the comment section, below.

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