Less is the New More: The JimX Wallet


When we first got our Jimi Wallet a year ago, we hated it. We could only get five cards into it, and we had to learn how to fold our money in thirds to fit in neatly. We persevered, and came to understand that it forced us to be careful and minimalist in our choices- do we really need three different Visa cards? How much money do we really need to carry? We could push cards out of it like a dealer in Las Vegas, it comfortably fit in any pocket, and we have learned to deeply love it. Now there is a new model, the JimX, for people who just need to carry more cash. We don't think that it will sit as nicely in our pocket and will stick with our JIMI, but in the States where they still have one dollar bills, it might make sense. A Jimi is an acquired taste, but once you get it, you wonder how you lived without it. Locally made, 100% recycled and cheap at 16 bucks. ::JIMI via ::Josh Spear