L.E.N.Y. : Couture Cares

LENY: Limited Edition New York--it's Fashion Week in New York, darlings, and global warming is the new new. Some very hot designers have joined up in support of Al Gore's Climate Project. Marc Jacobs, Missoni, Libertine, and Vivienne Westwood have designed special, limited edition collections from which 10% percent of the proceeds go to the Climate Project. Diane Von Furstenberg, of the famous wrap dress, has one with the message "Love the Planet" on it. Margarita Missoni, daughter of the famous mother, has designed a pink tee-shirt with green leaves on it. And, oh my gawd, can you stand it, Kate Moss, queen of the fashion world, has created a white tee-shirt with "Kate woz ere" on the front of it. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jade Jagger, Carine Roitfeld (editor of French Vogue, don't you know) and Christy Turlington also turned in designs that will be sold in limited editions of 500 each and alllllll the profits will go to the Climate Project. The idea came from a french fashionista who saw the movie and wanted to do something for the fashion crowd. She tracked down Al Gore's P.A. and began asking celebrities to design eco-themed T-shirts. As the Vogue editor said: Designing a tee-shirt is a little thing I can do, just like turning off the water while I brush my teeth. :: Toronto Star