LED Illuminated Lip Gloss For When You Can't Find Your Lips

Pouty Pink LED Pure Illumination LanoLip Lip Gloss Photo

Image via: PureIllumination

For everyone who finds themselves stuck in a cave, desperately in need of chapstick and yet unable to see what they are doing, LanoLip has now come up with the perfect solution - LED powered lip gloss. For those camping in the woods on a moonless night, now you have a tiny LED light to help that gloss find its way to your lips. Sure, there will always be random, weird and creative uses for new technologies, but putting an LED on lip gloss seems like a waste of resources. Then again, maybe we've just never found a use for LED powered lip gloss.Lanolip PureIllumination lip gloss is a 3-in-1 system that includes light, mirror and gloss. The light shines directly on your lips during application so you just have to look in the mirror and apply the lip gloss for the perfect application every time. The lip gloss comes in three colors, Brown Frost, Wine Berry and Pouty Pink for whatever mood you are in. This holiday, look for Holiday Red and Clear Gold Frost colors in addition to the standard three.

Pure Illumination LED LanoLip Lip Gloss Photo
Lanolip creator, MIranda Coggins, brewed the lip gloss on her kitchen stove herself until she got the right combination of lanolin, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and natural ingredients. She found lanolin to be the best at keeping her own lips moist and yet she had a hard time finding lanolin lip gloss she tried her hand at making her own. The result is an entire line of lanolin lip balms and glosses. The PureIllumination twist-off LED lip gloss can be purchased for just $14.99 and the push button LED lilp gloss can be purchased for $16.99 from Pure Illumination.com. Shipping is free.

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