Lauren Pierce's Ethical Tie-Dye Prints are Anything But Hippie Dippie

lauren pierce tie dye photo

Credit: Lauren Pierce

Besides a brief mention in 2008 Lauren Bush's--known for her FEED Bags and famous first family--sustainable fashion line has otherwise flown under our radar. But Lauren Pierce's ready to wear collection popped up yesterday in our green fashion makeover story and we had to have another look at the beautiful tie-dye prints. Photos: The Atelier spring 2010 collection premiered at Barneys New York in March; Shoppers were invited to choose their own fabric, design, and a one-of-a-kind creation was made just for you. As we noted before, is not only produced in New York using sustainable and organic fabrics such as hemp silk, bamboo, and organic cotton but several of the designs are hand-dyed by women living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, part of a program called Women for Women International.

lauren pierce atelier photo

Credit: Lauren Pierce
lauren pierce photo

Credit: Lauren Pierce

For New Yorkers, Lauren Pierce is available at Barneys; For other locations visit Lauren Pierce stores.

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