Last Minute Natural Beauty for Valentine's Day

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Makeup by Jessa Blades. Credit: Jeff Harris
Valentine's Day is a great excuse to embrace your über girlie side, slip into some sexy and sustainable lingerie, and enjoy a box of organic chocolates. We brought in green beauty expert Jessa Blades of Blades Natural Beauty to help us navigate the cosmetic aisle and show us how to embrace the shades of the season, naturally. Click through for her tips and and if you have a date with Twilight heartthrob Edward Cullen later, check out our guide to glowing alabaster skin. TreeHugger: Which Valentine's Day colors can we wear without going overboard?

Jessa Blades: A nice way to incorporate pink is with a hot pink nail polish.  I am really liking the color Abundance by Priti -- if you're anti-Valentine's Day they have black, too (!). Another fun look is a pink cheek, using a creamy blush to help moisturize and combat our dry winter skin. Revolution Organics Beauty Balm in Blushed is great for both cheeks (and lips). Another nice way to use pink is with a gloss Logona's Tizian Red is a rich, berry pink.

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Left to Right: Hemp Organics Lip tint in Berry, Logona's Tizian Red , Abundance by Priti, Jane Iredale's gloss, and W3LL People's Nudist Lip Shine.
TH: What look for eyes will last through -- er -- the night?

JB: As for a look that will last through anything, the trick is layering. Put one of the Jane Iredale's glosses on your lid and blend. This product acts as a base for your shadow and helps powder shadow stay on and last all night. After blending in the gloss -- give it 30 seconds to dry -- blend a shadow on top. Couleur Caramel had around 80 gorgeous colors to pick from, see their helpful color guide here. You can also add a little bit of black pencil liner (try Logona's Kajal Eye Liner or Zosimos Botanicals' Shimmer Eye Pencil) to the bottom lash line for a super-sexy-smudgy look.

TH: Finally, what is your favorite lip color on this day of Saint Valentine?

JB: I've been in the mood for a red lip but in a more subtle way -- with a hydrating lip color and moisturizer in one. Try Hemp Organics Lip tint in Berry or W3LL People's Nudist Lip Shine in #3.

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