Lady Gaga Launches Fashion Line Made from Discarded Meat

Lady Gaga Fashion Line
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Pop icon Lady Gaga will launch a line of meat-based clothing this Fall using food waste. The line will be a "contemporary interpretation of her stage outfits," according to the Haus of Gaga.

Exactly what that means remains unclear but I suggest you don't wear the clothing camping (or store them in a bear box if you do). Unlike her infamous meat dress, the line will actually And unlike her meat dress, it comes PeTA-approved. Yes, PeTA approved! Odd, considering the animal rights organization came down hard on Gaga for what Time magazine called the Fashion Statement of 2010.

Lady Gaga Fashion Line
Flying Gaga, Now in Bacon Flavor Flickr Creative Commons/petercruise

The actual motivation for the line has yet to be announced and, thus far, is left open to interpretation as per usual with Gaga's fashion-cum-activism antics. Considering we waste over 40% of the food we produce, the message seems pretty clear to me, because in the U.S. food waste has increased by 50% since 1974 and now accounts for one-fourth of all our water consumption. In fact, discarded food wastes more water than showering! Or this could just be another comparison for the Madonna-be; the Material Girl launched her own line last year under the same name.

PeTA spokesperson explained to TreeHugger--since we were all scratching our heads on this one--, "PeTA's support for the [fashion] line is absolutely not an avocation for the killing or eating of animals but an avenue for attention. This country discards enough food waste [made from animals] to support a [$%&!@!] clothing line. It's heart-breaking and disgusting." It's worth noting that Gaga and PeTA definitely have some similar marketing strategies. Her 2009 MTV Video Music Award performance involved spurting blood--an act she continued with on her Monster Ball Tour.

It's also worth noting that while Gaga's meat dress drew the ire of PeTA, they have since kissed and made up. Gaga posed for a Fur-Free & Fabulous ad, along with Mariah Carey and Pink, for the organization.

One gleaming piece of information that is missing from this equation is how in the hell do you make clothing from meat? The science wasn't explained when Gaga dropped the announcement to her 9 million Twitter followers early yesterday. The tweet, which you can see here, was eclipsed by the CEO of GoDaddy killing an elephant and posting a video of it on his blog.

What I want to know, does Ellen approve? The very-vegan talk show host pleaded with Gaga to wear a veggie-based outfit next time and skip the beef. "Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgment-free human being on the earth," explained Gaga.

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