Lace Up For a Greener Planet With Recycled GreenLaces

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Gay pride has its rainbow flag, breast cancer brandishes a pink ribbon, and cancer awareness gets a yellow rubber bracelet and that dude on a bike who used to be engaged to Sheryl Crow. What is the environmental movement, chopped liver?

For Chicago Red Stars defender Natalie Spilger, the granola crunchers of the world needed an emblem, one that would make caring about Ma Earth, "cool and sexy," she says. Mix athletic star power with recycled plastic and a hefty dose of altruism and you have GreenLaces, a product, an organization, and a community in one.

GreenLaces photo

Photo credit: GreenLaces
What does GreenLaces do?
Made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, each pair of GreenLaces ($5) was designed to be more than symbolic. The non-profit also provides financial and educational support to environmental projects, such as efforts to fund green initiatives for the 2010 World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Other projects include Green Your Game, a five-day program of environmental and skill-building drills for young athletes, as well as helping both recreational and professional teams and leagues reduce their carbon footprints. But you don't have to play sports to sport these laces, and in any case, GreenLaces' definition of "athlete" is a broad one, embracing Little League players, elliptical grannies, and Olympic Gold medallists with the same enthusiasm.

That Lance Armstrong better watch his back.

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