La Playa Hemp Beach Bag by Splaff


It's been bucketing rain here, but have heard that north of the equator it's beach weather. Obviously perfect timing for thongs, flip flops or whatever you want to call them. And, of course, you probably considered the car tyre/bike tube/hemp ones that we previously mentioned from Splaff. But did you know that they also do other cool stuff besides? Like these beach totes (also ideal for avoiding the "plastic or paper" question when you go shopping). In true Splaff style the straps are reused bicycle inner tubes, backed with hemp. And the external pocket is similarly detailed in rescued bike rubber. The durable 14 oz hemp has been dyed in four shades, with low impact dyestuffs. $45 USD. Also available are a clutch purse, a messenger bag and a belt. Direct from ::Splaff, or from online stores like Earth Friendly Goods.