LA Fashion Week Preview: Carrie Parry's Classic Office Wear for Fall 2011

carrie parry fall 2011 photo

Carrie Parry fall 2011 collection. Photo: Carrie Parry

Designer Carrie Parry, a graduate of the Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London, works with artisans from Eastern India -- where she sources silk -- to the Indian Himalayas. Her eponymous label will show their Fall 2011 collection at LA Fashion Week later this month but we have the scoop -- and the photos -- now.

There's an eye-popping red dress styled with red tights -- in case you missed the point. There are big bows on the collar of a dress and the waistline of a skirt. Then there's one which screams "one of these things is not like the other." Take a look:

carrie parry fall 2011 photo

carrie parry fall 2011 photo

Could red on red be the next trend?

For Parry, sustainability means working with the Panchachuli Women Weavers, a cooperative that supports the work of over 800 women -- who are shareholders in the company and receive regular wages. Fabrics are handspun, handwoven, and dyed using azo-free dyes.

carrie parry fall 2011 photo

Stateside, Parry sources recycled polyester jersey from California and wool from New York, which is spun at a factory in Maine, dyed in Pennsylvania using low-impact dyes, and knitted in New Jersey. The label, which is based in New York, finishes the garments locally after pieces are printed in Los Angeles, California.

carrie parry fall 2011 photo

carrie parry fall 2011 photo

This well-tailored dress is beautiful but would look better worn without boots, which shorten the appearance of the leg. Photo: Carrie Parry
carrie parry fall 2011 photo

Parry takes great care to source environmentally-friendly fabrics and produce garments domestically, which is great start, but the textiles are transported to and from many different places -- perhaps next season the label will work toward cutting down excess shipping.

She does, however, offer transparency and makes a good point about ethical fashion in general when she says, in her collection notes, "we understand that sustainability is a process, and are continually striving towards that goal."

carrie parry fall 2011 photo

The active/office wear look does not work, the shirt dress would be nice worn separately.
carrie parry photo

All photos: Carrie Parry

This last look -- and the other brightly-hued active/office wear look above -- looks like they're in the wrong collection. Had they not been included I would have called the collection "cohesive" but, unfortunately, that's not the case. Even so, Carrie Parry has classic looks, with complimentary silhouettes and she's certainly worth looking out for.

Come fall, the collection will be available online at Carrie Parry.

Would you wear any of these pieces? Which ones? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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