Knit Your Own Little Doggie

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Images from the Guardian: Basset Hound

It's the answer for those who can't have a real dog: too allergic, work too hard, place too small, afraid of them, etc. etc. Knit your own.

This new trend pulls together knitting--a relaxing DIY hobby and dogs in one happy combination. Be it a Portuguese water dog (the Obama favourite) or a classic English bulldog--there's a pattern for them all. It's enough to make a novice give it a try--maybe.

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English Bulldog
Best in Show by Sally Muir and Jo Osborne contains 25 different patterns to knit your very own pooch, from a perky poodle to a burly bulldog. The two women have knitted for Princess Diana and been on "Martha Stewart," what greater provenance could they have. They have also created some pretty cute doggie patterns.

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Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese water dogs have been around since the 12th century and were originally bred to help fishermen: They herded the catch, retrieved anything that fell in the water and carried messages from ship to shore. Bo is the Obama's and it was given to them by Ted Kennedy, whose own was called Splash.

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Image from the Guardian

The Guardian is even offering a free pattern to make your own Jack Russell. It looks like another language to a non-knitter, but if you read the symbols it's such a cute thing to have or to give.

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Image by B. Alter: Muir and Osborne

If you love the dogs but don't have a crafty bone in your body, you can also buy one by the author of the book. Go straight to the source. Muir and Osborne made these for Origins the London Craft Fair. They also sell a kit in a canvas bag that contains all you need: wool, needles, stuffing, pipe cleaners, dog tag and pattern. They did look good enough to....knit or buy.

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