Kiss My Face Launches Sheer Organic Shimmers & Shines Lip Care Line

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Sheer Organic Shimmers by Kiss My Face
Kiss My Face founders Bob MacLeod and Steve Byckiewicz opened their Manhattan home for the launch of SOS Sheer Organic Shimmers (lip tint) and Shines (lip gloss) and Potent & Pure Organic Face Care, their new lip and skincare lines this past Tuesday.

Read on for party highlights as well as product pictures and reviews. The low-key event meant guests had an opportunity to converse with the founders and team behind Kiss My Face. We spoke with Bob and Steve about the history of KMF and were especially interested in their offices which are located on a 200-acre organic farm in the Hudson River Valley in a converted barn and feed store. Delectable hors d’oeuvres were catered by The Cleaver Co., best known for their restaurant, The Green Table, located in the heart of Chelsea Market.

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Sheer Organic Shines by Kiss My Face

The Sheer Organic Shimmers ($4.95) and Shines ($6.95) decorated the NYC apartment, and guests received samples to bring home and try out. The SOS are mineral based and have a 91% organic formula, are 100% natural and are free from artificial coloring, fragrances and parabens.
The shines, inspired by jewel tones, are and named accordingly--pearl, for example, which we loved for its subtlety, and garnet, a more dramatic nighttime look. I usually avoid glosses because my hair gets stuck on my lips if the wind blows, and who wants sticky hair? But, I loved the shines because they give you the look of a gloss without the sticky factor.
The shimmers are right on par with Burt's Bees and have a similar tingling sensation and a minty taste. For color and moisture, I'd recommend the shimmers; for a glossy polished look, try the shines.

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The Potent & Pure Shea Soy Facial Cleanser Bar

Though the Potent & Pure line is not yet available, I did learn a bit about its green qualities. The line will be packaged on acid-free, elemental chlorine-free, recyclable board, which is made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled materials. It's also manufactured using wind power. In an unusual tactic for the beauty industry, there will be no printed pamphlet inside the box; instead, consumers will be urged to visit the Kiss My Face website for product information and ingredients as well as an interactive educational section on the Potent & Pure Skincare line.

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