Kelgwo Textile Art

Kelgwo textile photo
Kelgwo Open Weave Scarf

A women's textile collective located on the island of Chiloe in southern Chile, Kelgwo Textile Art crafts gorgeous garments and home accessories out of handspun 100 percent organic wool that has been dyed with local plants and roots.

"Kelgwo" means "loom" in the language of the region's indigenous people, the Mapuche. For a full catalog, visit Kelgwo's official Web site, or check out its Etsy page to purchase directly from the ladies themselves. You can also read a brief interview with one of the women on Etsy's Featured Seller section. ::Kelgwo Textile ArtKelgwo textile photo
Kelgwo Wool and Silk Knitten Coat
Kelgwo textile photo
Kelgwo Thick Wool Knitten Coat
Kelgwo textile photo
Kelgwo Open Weave Shawl
Kelgwo textile photo
Kelgwo Table Runner
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