Keep the Rain Off with an Eco-lovely Umbrella


Image from London Undercover

It's autumn and the rain just keeps on coming. With one grey day after another, these delightfully British umbrellas will keep your spirits up.

Take cover under (too) vividly coloured pictures of fish and chips (wrapped in newspaper, of course), or a yummy full English breakfast. For the uninitiated that means baked beans, fried eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes, toast and sausages. All over your head. Made from recycled materials, these jolly brollies are environmentally sound, so they protect more than your hair-do.


Images from London Undercover

The Commuter umbrella is a collaboration with the London Transport--a combination of navy pinstripe suit fabric with the seat pattern from the 1970's District Line & Circle Line Tube. It's a nostalgic and very British interpretation of the iconic fabric used on the trains.

Umbrellas are a quintessentially British accessory, and the umbrellas are a celebration of that culture with the familiar themes of fish and chips and the Union Jack flag. Others are in good tweedy copies such as Houndstooth, Royal Steward Tartan, and Prince of Wales plaid.


London Undercover was established by a young designer who is committed to designing with an environmental approach. All of the brollies are made using recycled materials and minimal waste. They use recycled canvas fabric, recycled metal shafts and frames, recycled and biodegradeable handles and recycled packaging and tags.


The fish and chips in this one are wrapped in newsprint, just like the real ones. But there's no fishy smell to these. Via :: Daily Candy

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