Keen Harvests Rice Sacks for Bags


Well-constructed and surprisingly sturdy, Keen's Harvest series of bags and accessories is yet another way the footwear manufacturer is stepping out with more-sustainable product offerings. Made from delightfully crinkly repurposed rice sacks and excess factory materials, the collection comprises eight unique styles—including wallets, day packs, and tote bags—in dark beige and white, with occasional splashes of red, green, and orange for emphasis.

"We realized that there was an excess of this used material being added to landfill and that we could repurpose the material into beautiful and unique bags," says Eric Groff, national sales manager, Bags and Packs for Keen, in a company press release. "Since it was used to carry heavy bags of rice the material is extremely durable and perfect for everyday use." To find a store near you that carries Harvest, simply visit Keen's Web site and punch in your zip code. ::Keen

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