Katell Gelebart Turns Food Packaging Into Haute Couture

katell gelebart
Images: Katell Gelebart

Given the recent bewildering consumer rejection of SunChips' compostable packaging for its perceived over-crinkliness, you might wonder why would anyone bother with something like food packaging within the vicissitudes of fashion. Nevertheless, that's what French designer Katell Gelebart has done with her deliciously colourful collection of wearable food packaging (anyone need a raincoat made out of Friskies? Mais oui!).

katell gelebart

Working with Art D'Eco, a designers' collective that she helped found, Designboom reports that Gelebart's motivation to create her line comes from the idea waste is a resource with lots of potential:

katell gelebart
As an 'eco-designer', I create exclusively with used and discarded materials such as inner tubes, blankets or towels. Lately, I have focused my attention on food packaging which is ubiquitous and contains great potential for re-use. This particular packaging has a wonderful aesthetic quality in its graphics, color and display of language through text. Its delicateness however, has meant the works that were previously robust must have become light and metaphors for a world of re-use.(...) They hint at a world after waste.'

katell gelebart

It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but in the interest of moving away from a 'disposable' culture, we like the fact that Gelebart's pieces exemplify how simple, low-tech methods and using materials on hand can transform so-called trash into new products that can stand on their own.

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