KASTd Designer Bags from Recycled Rubber


Toronto-based KASTd hand-stitches bags from automotive inner tubes, giving new form to something to an old structure and new life to something that would otherwise be thrown away. The bags are an interesting juxtaposition of industry and art; clearly, they are all rubber, but the clean shapes show that care was given to each one; they are hand-stitched based on traditional saddlemakers techniques, which helps soften the looks into a more subtle, sophisticated look. Each bag also has a little personality, retaining the marks from its job on the road: heat and friction marks and print identification, which always end up on the inside of the bag. These are another good example of the evolution of recycled rubber; it wasn't long ago that we were lampooning and pooh-poohing products made from old tires and the like as "too industrial," "too cold," "too stagnant;" now, you can maintain your everyday handbag with Armor All. The bags can be ordered straight from the website; prices start at $238 CAD. ::KASTd via tipster Frank.