Karrysafe Bags, not to die for


After Sweet Dream Security products and the Design Against Crime research centre, Karrysafe bags are another fine example of how good design works towards sustainability and a more ethical behaviour, in this case, as a response to street crime.

Fear of crime has increased disproportionately to rising crime statistics. When society is fearful of crime in addition to losing personal possessions, we lose our mental freedom, self-confidence and trust of society. Karrysafe seeks to restore these losses by aiding individuals to assume responsibility for their personal protection via product purchase information and advice.
Karrysafe is a dip-, grab-, lift- and slash-safe range of bags and accessories, designed to fight those four most common bag theft techniques. The designers behind Karrysafe are Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter of Vexed Generation in collaboration with Dr. Lorraine Gamman and the DAC Research Initiative in London. What makes their bags considerably safer than standard ones are built-in features like the Screamer. This anti attack alarm for laptop bags, starts screaming if the bag is taken from you by force. Another characteristic is the Scroll Top, a 'sound' security for the largest Karrysafe bags available. This consists of a Velcro seal you hear when it’s being opened (I wouldn’t recommend fetching something during conferences…), applied as lock 'scroll straps' which offers static security. The HoodSack is a record-bag like design with increased storage space and higher security from dipping than other shoulder bags. The Body- and Phone Safe range are hands free accessories that allow you to conveniently keep your mobile phone, cards and keys close to your body. The fact that most of the Karrysafe bags contain an anti-slash steel mesh layer, and are made of reinforced nylon, polyester or neoprene might not make them the most eco-friendly bags in terms of material. This however makes them very durable and hard wearing and assures a long product life.

The mission of Karrysafe is to ‘design out abusers’ and provide personal protection against personal theft and street robbery, through products and advice. ‘The best protection is personal awareness and a willingness to take some basic precautions in public places.’

Karrysafe is both a commercial and ethical initiative. The advice and information is free of charge and some profits from product sales go to the Design Against Crime Research Initiative. All products are available from their web site or by calling 08000 38812. Prices vary: £9.99 for a PhoneSafe, £59 for a HoodSack, £19.99 for a ScrollTop shoulder bag and £79 for a Screamer. ::Karrysafe ::Design Against Crime