Kaia House Nail Polish Makes For Clean Manis and Pedis

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Giving a french manicure to yourself or your little girl is easy with the new line of Organic Bio-Polishes from Kaia House. These 6 colors (plus top/base coat) are free of 20 toxins commonly found in nail polish and they also have soy-based polish remover.These pretty polishes are free of phthalates (common in nail polish but not often listed in ingredients), toulene, formaldehyde, pegs, and parabens. In addition, there are 20 other "toxic" ingredients that Kaia House screens for and has eliminated from their nail polish line. Plus the polishes are not tested on animals, so your little piggies can feel good about that too. Most of the colors are pretty light (easy for manicures), but they also have a couple of pink and oranges just for a splash of colors, or to make your toes stand out.

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When it's time to switch colors or go for a touch up, no problem. You can also get their soy-based nail polish remover, also free of pegs, paraben, phthalates and formaldehyde. Many of these chemicals are related to cancers, and birth defects. Who said beauty didn't come without a price? No thanks, especially when there are great alternatives out there. To find out about whether your cosmetics are safe, check out groups like The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and Skin Deep by the Environmental Working Group.

As for whether it works or lasts through the day, we haven't had a chance to test it out, so let us know what you think. Does this polish hold up to the daily rigors of a day in the office, and the daily chores of washing dishes? Kaia house also sells a wide variety of natural and eco-friendly cosmetics. You can find Kaia House Organic Bio Polishes online at Kaia House, and they retail for USD$9.80. :Kaia House
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