Jurlique Is a Science of Natural Beauty


Photo courtesy of Jurlique.

We are all familiar with the words "organic" ingredients and "all natural" ingredients when referring to beauty products, but it's very rare to see "biodynamic" in the mix. But that's exactly what Australian company, Jurlique, focuses on: biodynamic beauty that delivers dynamic results.

For over 20 years, Jurlique has been a pioneer in the "farm to bottle" process — growing, processing and formulating pure, potent extracts directly from their own self-sustaining biodynamic farm in South Australia. From herbs to flowers, we found that Jurlique's targeted skincare products restored and rebalanced our skin effortlessly.We tried a few of Jurlique's luxurious products, including a Silk Finishing Powder which we happened to love. We learned that it's been a long-time favorite of spas and spa-goers, so it's no wonder we found it to leave our skin radiant. The uplifting fragrance and silky texture left a smooth finish, all without the use of color.

Another favorite was the Purely Age-Defying Day Cream (launching next month). What we like was that it provided us with a daily dose of natural SPF 15 protection, which incorporates Micronized Zinc Oxide (ZnO) and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) combined with pure Red Algae Extract. By using these ingredients, apparently sunlight is actually reflected instead of absorbed. Unlike chemical sunscreens, Jurlique's formula does not penetrate, irritate or sensitize the skin and it was nice and light with no "white" appearance.

Founded by a chemist and a horticulturist in 1985, Jurlique's philosophy from the start has been sustaining and enriching their soil in each harvest cycle to optimize the living potency of the plants they use. This assists each product to create the most effective results on skin. "Because our skin is alive, imbalanced elements in our environment and lifestyle affect it."


Jurlique store in San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Jurlique.

If you've already had the wonderful opportunity to try Jurlique, you might be interested to know that they are offering a special promotion through April 25th. As a special thanks to you and in honor of Earth Day 2009, shoppers who donate three empty Jurlique products at their local shop (see locations below) may choose a travel-size sample of one of our bestsellers.

Locations include:
2136 Fillmore Street in San Francisco, CA
1230 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, CA
477 Madison Avenue in New York, NY
436 W. Broadway in New York, NY
Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY
Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ
North Point Mall in Alpharetta, GA
Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, CA

Jurlique is a beauty product that we will now be incorporating into our daily routine. Their concept that beauty is defined by sustainable connections with oneself, with the community, and with the earth is one that we envision for ourselves as well. Jurlique

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