Juara's 100% Vegetarian Skincare Line

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Skincare line Juara is in with the green scene with its 100% Vegetarian, non-animal-tested products inspired by Indonesian botanicals and ancient beauty rituals. While the price range is a bit on the high end, these products make your skin feel amazing and don't include artificial colorants, sulfates, or pthalates. More:
Juara was founded and developed in 2004 by Metta Murdaya. She says:

We wanted to create a line that not only mixes the best of both worlds - the East and the West - but also addresses concerns of efficaciousness. Juara was our answer: a hybrid of traditional Indonesian elements with mordern formulations from the West, with high concentrations of active botanicals.

Our favorites are the paraben-free Candlenut Lip Balm, SPF 20, which leaves your lips feeling hydrated and moisturized, and with a beautiful sheen. The Milk and Red Sandalwood Facial Mask leaves skin feeling smooth and soft and, according to the website, it reduces redness.

And while we enjoy Juara's products one thing that does worry us is that they have not signed Skin Deep's Compact for Safe Cosmetics. Within three years of signing the compact signers agree not to use ingredients in their skin care products that are known or suspected of causing harmful health effects.

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