J.R. Liggett's Now with Patented Travel Case

We first learned of J.R. Liggett's biodegradable, 100% vegetable oil soap--made from a recipe found in an old-fashioned New England cookbook--from a TreeHugger tipster. J.R. Liggett's soap has won good reviews for multi-tasking: hair, body, shaving, clothing and even dishes. The January 2007 edition of Cruising World does mention that the soap lathers poorly in saltwater, but otherwise found the do-it-all soap can fulfill the claims. And a magazine with a readership that puts a lot of weight on using space and resources efficiently is a source to trust. Now, you can get J.R. Liggett's soap with the patented travel case. No liquids to carry or spill, or make customs suspicious at the borders.

Unfortunately, J.R. Liggett has also discovered the bane of the modern age: fancy packaging is necessary to get people to pick the product off the shelf. Although the relatively small piece of cardboard backing and minimal shrink wrap is not so egregious as the fancy plastic packagings of many personal care products, it seems a pity. But if you want the neat reusable travel carrier, you will have to succumb to the new packaging at least once. Fortunately, the soap case will have a longer lifespan and you can return to buying the classic bar in its simple paper wrapping once you have your travel carrier safely tucked away in your backpacking gear.