Jimi, the Non-Wallet

You know we're fans of minimalism. So when Josh at Cool Hunting flagged up Jimi—"the wallet for people who hate wallets"—it went right onto our stocking stuffer list. Made from recycled/recyclable plastic, the skinny little thing holds paper money and just enough cards to go about your daily business without a lumpy, unsightly bulge in your pocket. If you feel like having a geek-chic day, the pocket protector-esque driver's license and money section slides out. The real reason we like it? We're fed up with the magnetic strips cracking off our cards during life in a soft wallet. And any wallet that has a cool demo animation gets extra points. Available in six colors for $14.95 each online or at shops in NY, LA, or MA. Via Cool Hunting ::Jimi [by KK]

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